Cloth nappy love week three.

Good morning and welcome to week three of mine and Chelle’s cloth nappy love linky.
I’m ever so sorry it’s started a day late, me and Tia are really unwell and I left my bed three times yesterday. That was to eat and go to the doctors.
Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, I love reading your posts.

I’ve really struggled which nappy to pick this week, I’ve still got so much I want to show you, but in the end my newest nappy won. It’s another Totsbots v4 (what I featured last week here) but it’s a Frugi edition and cannot be purchased direct from Totsbots. I purchased mine from the clean green nappy.

I was debating keeping this nappy by for baby boy, but it’s too cute to just store in a cupboard for several months. Plus Tia spotted it when it was delivered and instantly fell in love with the quirky design. Styling it was quite hard, if it was summer it would totally be worn alone at home. This is not a nappy to be covered by trousers! In the end I picked out Tia’s new handmade twirly Easter skirt made by The princess and the frock..



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Blast dry skin with aveeno.

I’ve always suffered with dry skin, this gets worse depending on the season and is at its worst in the winter.
I find having a shower every  other day (shock horrer) as apposed to daily really helps me, as does using a decent moisturising product like Aveeno*

In Tia’s earlier months I found my hands impossibly dry. This caused by the constant washing and using antibacterial products and repeat. I started keeping a tube of aveeno cream next to the sink and found the dry skin problem ease up instantly.

I remembered the product from both when I was younger, my brother had eczema and it was prescribed to him, and also from my years of working in a pharmacy. It’s something we recommended a lot and for good reason.

Aveeno is made from natural active ingredients and is perfect for both dry and sensitive skin and skin conditions including ecezema.
It’s clinically proven to hydrate and sooth dry and sensitive skin. It can be used from three months old and is fragrance free.
The cream is avaliable in 100ml and 300ml sizes. I always have the 100ml tube in my changing bag, perfect size for out and about. You never know when you want some skin moisture!

The lotion is what my husband uses on his very dry shins. He’s always suffered with dry shins and it gets very itchy, which seems to make the dryness worse. Keeping his legs throughly moisturised seems to keep the itchiness at bay and stops the flaking. The lotion is quickly absorbed, perfect for his legs (the creams makes a right mess in his leg hairs) it’s non greasy and is avaliable in a huge 500ml bottle.
We both use the oil in the shower/bath. Perfect for gently cleansing our skin while we wash, this is avaliable in a 250ml bottle.

All can be purchased from pharmacys and larger supermarkets. It’s also avaliable on prescription if your doctors agrees it’s needed.

Aveeno have also brought out a book aimed at young children who suffer with ecezema, to explain why they need to use creams and lotions. I think this is a lovely idea, my brother would have really appreciated his own special story. I wrote about this a bit Here.

*Disclaimer* I was sent some aveeno products to use as I suffer with very dry skin. All thoughts are my own and not in anyway influenced.

Why being poorly sucks big time when pregnant….

Hey guys,

I’ve not been online as much as normal recently, and I’ve not been myself when I have. Why? Because I’m far too busy feeling sorry for myself and wondering what the hell I did to deserve this….

So my darling daughter Tia has had a bit of a cough/cold over the last few weeks thats progressed from a dry cough to a full blown chesty cough. Bless her.

Well it seems shes passed it on to me. Lovely.
I woke Sunday morning feeling like I had been hit by a lorry! My throat was sore, I had a dry cough and a headache. And it’s just progressively gotten worse as the weeks gone on. I actually wet myself twice yesterday. Twice. I own two pairs of maternity jeans and both are now in the machine. Fuck!
I mean, I know your pelvic floor is a bit naff once you’ve had kids but this is something else. What if I had been in tesco!? Wet floor sign anyone?
Of course a chance would be a fine thing, I’ve not really left the house other than to hang some more of that never ending washing outside and nipped to the shops for some soup.
Driving is off limits as Im not sleeping, and now my whole body aches from the full blown chesty cough… And of course like Tia, I’m massively restricted to what actual drugs I can take to help ease this hell.
So I’m eating cake instead. That’s ok right?

Woke up this morning feeling worse than ever, by some miracle managed to get seen by my doctor and left with lots of drugs. Here’s hoping I’ll start to feel better soon.

25 week pregnancy update.

Well that was possibly the fastest week ever, and here we are now at 25 weeks *gulps*
Baby is around 13.5″ big and weighs around 1.5lb.

Pregnancy wise Im feeling good, I’ve noticed I’ve started having to go to the loo more often again and I have to be more careful when getting up from the sofa/bed etc as everything shifts upwards and winds me! I’m also starting to get really uncomfortable at night, I will be investing in a pregnancy pillow ASAP.
I have however gotten a cough/cold this week so feeling very very sorry for myself :-(

I’m using more and more baby cream as I can feel my skin starting to stretch, which in turn is making it itch. Tia is loving helping me do this though, bless her.

Other than helping me apply my cream, she’s been letting me know again what baby Michael will and won’t be allowed to play with. She makes me laugh so much, I just hope she loves him as much when he’s here and she realises its for good.

Michael has been moving more than normal this week, he gives me a kick every time I cough. He’s become a total night owl like his sister was too, I’m sure he waits until I’m comfortable before settling down to give me a good kicking.

I received the most beautiful hand crochet mobile this week from crochet creations. so much attention to detail has lovingly gone into this, I’m so excited to hang it up. But we won’t do that until the cot has been built and we’re a while off that yet. So I’ve pinched her stock photos to show you how awesome it is.



The Richebourg affair book review.

I really enjoy reading, And pre Tia days I could pick a book up and finish it the same day! Since having my baby girl however I’ve hardly read at all, I know a lot of this in the early days was due to starting this here blog and not having the time for both. These days I have even less time as she naps less, but I joined up to goodreads and have pledged to read 20 books this year. So I jumped at the chance to review a new novel called The Richebourg affair, a fast paced crime story set in France.

Commandant Truchard of the Paris police is used to dealing with villainy and violence in the French capital, but when he is summoned home to Burgundy on the death of his brother, he finds a seething vat of theft, fraud and cold-blooded murder fomenting beneath the serene surface of the little village of Nuits-Saint-Georges.

* What is hidden behind the cellar walls?
* Who wanted his brother dead?
* Why does inspector Molleau have a loaded pistol in his desk drawer?

As Truchard digs deeper and deeper into the mystery, he discovers that, for some people, Richebourg is quite literally a wine to die for….

The Richebourg affair is the first of a trilogy set in and around Nuits-Saint-Georges, following Truchard through three different wine-related scandals over the course of a year in the Burgundy vineyards.

I really enjoyed this book, I found it a little difficult getting into it. Mainly as I struggled to read the French names and places but I soon got into it and couldn’t then put it down. I finished the book three days after I started, and Im so looking forward to getting my hands on the next two instalments.
Truchard, the main character is really easy to like, and you feel like you really get to know him throughout the book, the sign of a good author.

There were a few twists and turns, not knowing what was coming up kept the book fresh and exciting. The town where it’s all set sounds quaint, In fact if it weren’t for all the dodgy goings on I would love to visit! ;-)

I grabbed this review from Amazon, it’s how I feel about the book.
its hard to believe that this is R M Cartmel’s first novel. It reads brilliantly, the characters build and the plot unfolds, its a very easy page-turner. His obvious passion for wine and the Burgundy area comes through and flavours the story, like you can almost smell the grapes and that wine!

I would rate the book 9/10 and am really looking forward to the next instalment.

Second term of ballet

So today Tia had her first class of her second term of baby ballet. She had a week off and couldn’t wait to go today,  practically dragging me out of the front door.
I was a little worried as I knew it would be all new songs and dances, but I really didn’t need to worry. She quickly picked up all the new steps, and even ran around on her tippy toes perfectly.
She managed just about to balance the tambourine on her head and really enjoyed doing the new hickory dickory dock routine.
It was her first time wearing her new ballet shoes and they fit her perfectly, they didn’t fall off once so I’m really happy with that purchase. She also looks so adorable in her knitted baby ballet wrap around cardigan.

I was gutted to find when we got there I had left my phone at home so no photos, we took a few when we got home instead. Next week we’ll be wearing red for red nose day, I’m so excited for this. Tia actually has an amazing big red tutu from Itsy-bits, though it will clash horribly with her baby pink leather shoes lol.






Meal planning.

Since late last year we’ve been trying to cut back on our food waste, and keep an eye on how much money we spend on food.
An easy way for us to do this was to start meal planning, and since doing it I’ve honestly no idea how we ever managed before without one! I totally used to wing it, going to the shops sometimes four times a week buying whatever I fancied that day. And of course I can’t walk into a supermarket without buying at least one of the tempting offers.
This in turn meant a lot of waste. Stupid.

So anyway, I’ve just sat down and wrote out next weeks plan and thought I would share it, you never know. It might just inspire you. Each week I tend to pick a different book, this weeks is Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.

Friday. Paella, the inspiration for this came from another blogger called Olana and you can find the recipe here.

Saturday. Order in. We’ve got company and ordering in will be a treat.

Sunday. Roasted belly of pork with all the trimmings. I always try to cook a roast on a Sunday, even in the summer.

Monday. Wonkey summer pasta from page 46. A easy simple pasta dish comprising of Parmesan cheese, egg yokes, fresh lemon, fresh basil and that’s it. I’ll cut up fresh lasagne sheets for the pasta, I always cook a simple pasta dish on Mondays and this sounds wonderful to me.

Tuesday. We always have dinner with the in-laws on Tuesday’s so I don’t have to cook anything today.

Wednesday. Chicken pie, smash and posh peas page 92.
I’ve not made pie for about a month, and this looks like a nice recipe. Smash is smashed carrots with a bit of fresh thyme and the peas are cooked and added to little gem lettuce, butter, chicken stock, fresh mint and a bit of lemon juice. Lovely!

Thursday. Mustard chicken with quick dauphinoise potatoes and greens. Page 98. Another recipe I’ve not tried (I try to cook at least one new thing every week) the chicken is cooked in cream, mustard, white wine and leeks. The potatoes have red onions, nutmeg, Parmesan cheese, cream and fresh thyme.

So that’s it, I always do a shopping list so I know what I need to buy and I stick to that. Always checking dates as I go along to make sure nothing will get wasted. What will you be eating next week?

Choosing a baby name.

I truly think this is not as easy as one might originally think. Picking a name for someone, someone who will need to live with said picked name their whole life! Then they’res so other things to consider, some like popular names, others despair if their chosen name is in the top 100. Then if you’ve already gotten children, you want them to sound nice together, and don’t even get me started on middle names and how many is an acceptable amount to have!

With my first born I had several names picked out, we didn’t know the gender so we needed to be prepared. If a girl she was going to be Brooke, but I had always liked the name Tia and when I first looked into my beautiful daughters eyes my mind was set. She was Tia.
I only had one thing to consider, I didn’t want a name that could be shortened (although I’m sure she’ll be called T by teen friends when older)

This time around we know we’re having a baby boy, this makes things much easier as we’ll be following a family tradition when naming him. Had he have been another girl, I would have dug out my old name books and perhaps downloaded one of those new fancy name apps like this one to help me pick.

My husbands family traditions however is that the first son is passed his daddies name, continuing down the full family name. So our son will be called Michael louis (louis is my brothers name) so very much a family traditional name.

How did you pick your child(rens) names? Leave me a comment, I love reading them.

Cloth nappy love week two.

Hey guys, welcome back to the second instalment of cloth nappy love. A massive thank you to those who joined in, shared and read last weeks. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

So this week it’s turned all springlike outside, lots of daffodils appearing and showers a plenty. So it had to be a Totsbots incy wincy spider nappy for this weeks post. This nappy screams spring to me, it’s colourful and a real favourite of ours. We’ve teamed it today with a cute dress from next (which will be finished with tights and a cardigan)

totsbots v4 easyfits are available in a range of colours and prints. They’ve won awards and are a superb nappy for us. Made from a mix of minkee and bamboo, they dry quickly but are also highly absorbent. We adore the prints and have several of them, they take quite a while to build up the absorbency. So when we first got them we got a few leaks, all sorted now and we get a great fit using the hook and loop (velcro) fastening.
They’re a birth to potty style nappy so they will all be saved for baby boy :-)


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24 week pregnancy update.

This week baby is 12.5″, is the size of a corn and weighs around 1.25lb.
109 days to go and very much counting :-)

I’ve had such a good week, not a single migraine which must be the first week since falling pregnant! I got my first leg cramp last night (all the fun) and I’ve noticed that Im starting to need to go to the toilet more often again. Mainly as baby loves kicking downwards. *crosses legs*

Tia declared this week that her brother isn’t allowed to play with her toy kitchen as he’s too small haha. She showed him some pepper pig video on my phone via my belly button, and has started asking me approximately a million times a day when he’s coming. She also declared today after lifting my top up, that he’s gotten bigger. I think she’s right lol.

Lots and lots now, I even watched my belly move the other night which was amazing. He’s still being a monkey and not letting anyone else feel though!

I feel much bigger this week, I’ve actually got the midwife today who’s going to measure me. Which will be interesting :-) looking forward to hearing the heartbeat too.
I’ve started itching as my skin is stretching, I’ve several gorgeous thick creams which stop it in its tracks. I’m also struggling to tis my laces now, I have to sit on the stairs and let my belly fall in-between my legs, if I don’t I get winded!

I’ve not bought anything this week, but I’ve done a swap with another blogger. She’s getting some of Tia’s girlie bits in exchange for some of her sons old clothes. I’m looking forward to receiving those, baby boy is also getting a super cute personalised bath robe sent to him for us to review. I’ll share some photos when it’s arrived. I also attended the recent baby show in London, and got quite a few goodies that I’ve put away.

Thanks for popping by and continuing to read my weekly updates.