Shredtober challenge.


So stoptober challenge has been everywhere recently with lots of people I know taking part. But then I read about shredtober challenge this morning and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s the 30 day shred done in the month of October! I can do this, I will do this and together with 40+ other people for support. As you know I’m co-hosting the slinky linky every Friday with that lovely Emily from tea lady mumbles. We have both been watching what we eat whilst basically talking about exercising more, this is a great opportunity for me to dig out my rather dusty shred and join in with others. I’m not brave enough to post before photos, I will take some though and will possibly publish with my after if any good :-D Good luck to all the people taking part in this challenge, together we can do this!


  1. Good luck! We’re going to get shredded! x

  2. Amazing! I think I’m going to join in! I’m doing it anyways but sounds better if it’s a challenge in October lol xx

  3. Yey for shredtober and all the support! Looking forward to your before and after pics x

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