Atrium canvas review.


Atrium canvas claims: Canvas printing at it’s very best on pro artist canvas, plus
Free Delivery On Orders Over £29.
Free Canvas Hanger Fitted.
Free Image Quality Check.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
All Canvases Are Hand Stretched.
All Canvases Are Made In The UK.

I love photos, I love taking them and I love looking back through them even more. I can look at a photo and instantly be taken back to the time/place when it was taken and relive that memory. I also really like looking back through my mums old photos, enjoy looking back at her childhood and times unknown to me.
I joined Instagram a little while back, it seemed a great place to safely store and share my memories with family and friends.
What I’ve never thought about is printing them out, I’ve not have any photos printed out for a long time. Who needs too when you have social media full of them, I can quickly look on my tablet and see them all there. But when I was offered a chance to review a canvas for Atruim canvas and I noticed that I could add all my photos straight from my Instagram account into a collage I jumped at the chance!
Ordering it was so easy, you pick the size you want, select how many photo sections you want then log into your Instagram account. You can then pick the photos you want, literally drag them to the section and so on.

20140123-125246.jpg once you have added all the photos you want, and maybe rearranged a few then you can decide on the finish you want. You can choose the depth of the frame, the colour of the border including white, mirrored or even custom designed. You can make it a black and white canvas or sepia if you don’t want to keep it original. You can also choose to have a matt varnish if you prefer.

20140123-125804.jpg Once you have finished your masterpiece, you just add it to your cart where you can either go back and make another or you can checkout. Atrium canvas also have one of those really clever basket systems that means if you have to leave you basket and go back to it at a later date, it will still be there. (Make sure you create an account first like I did to guarantee this) I found this really helpful as I did indeed have to leave my basket as my laptop died and I needed to dig out the charger and I was so worried I would have to start again. Imagine my relief when it was still there waiting patiently to be be checked out. The checkout process is lovely and simple too, I love company’s that have a paypal option so I don’t have to faff about finding my cards. Delivery is free when you spend over £29 which gets Atrium canvas another big tick from me. I also liked that it come fitted with a hanging hook, I have other canvas’s that I paid a lot more money for from a large supermarket chain that don’t have them. Want to see my finished product?



20140123-130949.jpg Photos are so important to me and help me to relive fantastic memories, and Atrium canvas have supplied me a product that contains many memories and I can spend so much time looking at it. Tia loves pointing out the pictures, and everyone who has visited has commented on it. Little things like the very bottom right hand corner photo, was the very first time Tia tried apple. She hated it and the photo takes me straight back in the kitchen when it happened.

If you like me, love snapping then do think about popping over to atrium canvas and creating a collage canvas. You can also find them on Facebook . It’s not something I’ve ever thought of before, I have wedding photos printed onto a canvas. But having lots of smaller photos has made it so much more interesting. I’ve placed ours at the top of the stairs and me and Tia point out photos every evening before she goes to bed.


Disclaimer. I was provided with a money off voucher to order a canvas from atrium canvas, I still paid for part of the order. This is a honest review and all words and photos are my own.


  1. This is a gorgeous canvas! Love love love it ;-)

  2. What a brilliant idea – I love it! Yours looks fab too, some lovely photos on there. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. They look really great!! I love things like this! That is a gorgeous canvas!

  4. What a cute idea! I’m obsessive with taking photos but don’t use instagram for some reason – I’ve just never got into it.
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  5. I love all these photo ideas. What was the print quality like, as Instagram does something with the resolution.

    • I found that the photos that I hadn’t used a filter on came out like normal canvas quality. Some of the ones that I had used the blur filter on show up a bit more, but nothing I’m unhappy with. I’ll tweet you a close up if a blurred one to show it.

  6. Your canvas is lovely. I use to do this with print back when photos were printed, so this is a great idea instead of just leaving photos on a computer. #triedandtested

  7. I just need to get off BB and get Instagram! :-)

  8. oh my goodness this is absolutely fantastic i love it x

  9. what a lovely way of displaying all those photos! #triedtested Rebecca@TheBeesleyBuzz

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