Babycups, a review!


A little while ago we received these teeny tiny baby cups for Tia.


I had read a lot about the babycup company (link at the end) and was really keen to try them. Especially as they have been give the thumbs up from dentists for great oral health and facial development. They come in a pack of four, in four different colours and are priced at £7.99. They are made in the Uk which i think is great. They come in pink, blue, green and yellow.

They really are small, smaller then I imagined (think shot glass) but perfectly designed for tiny hands. Tia can hold this cup perfectly unlike the doidy cup which we were given to try. I also like that they are transparent so you can both see what’s in the cup.

Tia has always been really good at taking sips of water from my glass so I thought she would appreciate her own.

After giving them a wash i gave her her first drink, she put it straight to her mouth but did not tip it. After getting no water out she turned it upside down to investigate the bottom!

Luckily these cups will only hold a maximum of 50ml of liquid so this wasn’t too much of an issue. A quick mop up and I tried again. This time there was trouble! I thought I would help Tia, by trying to tip the cup for her and she went crazy! She’s very Independent and likes to do stuff herself, after me trying to “help” her she was no longer interested.

I left it a few days, then gave her an empty cup to play with. She put it straight to her mouth and then tipped it! She tried a few more times so I put a drop of water in the cup. She drank it no problem, she also looked very pleased with herself. I got a “see I told you I never needed your help” type look!

She has totally got the hang of it now and loves to drink from her cup.




There is a lot more information on the babycup website found here about the pros and cons of using an open top cup. Please do go and pay them a visit, they really are very helpful. You can also find them on Facebook here
And also on twitter

The only downside I can find to them is using them when out and about. But taking a bottle of drink with you and topping it up would not be difficult. Tia eats what we do like a big girl as apposed to mushed up baby foods. Why can’t she have her own cup too!

Disclaimer. We were very kindly sent these cups to review, all words and opinions are my own and honest.


  1. Oh Tia, you cutie!

    I love how she explored, checked the cups out, then just got on and did it!! Super sipping, no probs!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely experience and Tia’s open cup fab-ness.

    Like you mention, when out and about I take a little bottle of milk or water and fill the cup as needed.

    Happy drinking, Tia you star! :)

  2. Oh wow, these look great I’ll have to try them when my baby’s a bit older.

    • Thanks, Tia thinks they are brilliant! Though we did have some teething problems to start with she drinks perfectly from them now.

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