Dear Matilda Mae.


Dear sweet Matilda Mae.
I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly a year, It seems like yesterday.
I still remember that cold evening when I read about you sleeping, I didn’t know your mummy then.
But so many people I knew did, and I cried for you. I cried for your mummy and I cried for your daddy and siblings too.
I had only just found out about you, and you were gone, and it seemed so cruel, so unfair.
You were sleeping.
You were just nine months old and had just learned to crawl.

So much has happened this last year Matilda Mae.
So many people know of you, and we love you. Even us who didn’t get the pleasure of seeing that amazing smile in real life.
So much money has been raised in your name, your face now know by so many. You touched the hearts of us all.

Dear sweet Matilda Mae, I know you’re watching over your family.
I hear stories of flowers blooming in your favourite spot.
I’ve seen bight shining stars, and I know you’re watching.
We blow you bubble kisses, Tia doesn’t understand why yet. But I tell her, and she will when she’s older.

We made a pink star for our Christmas tree last year, we will always think of you now.
We met your beautiful mummy recently, and your brother and sister.
And I could see you in them all.

You will never be forgotten Matilda Mae.
Your legacy is so big now, we all see you when we see pink and purple.

Dear sweet Matilda Mae. I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly a year……
Letters for Matilda Mae


  1. It made me smile that you could see Tilda in us x Thank you for a beautiful letter x

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  3. So sweet. :'(

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