Have a very swizzels Christmas.


Swizzels Matlow sweets. To me, the name swizzels is almost iconic! Many of my earliest sweet memories as a child were the swizzels brand and all are happy. I mean, who didn’t like sweets as a child? Refreshers were one of my favourites, closely followed by love hearts. I used to love choosing out the best words and sharing them with my family. I love love hearts so much I had personalised ones as part of my wedding favours. So whenever I see them now I’m taken straight back to our big day and I can’t help but grin like crazy smile. This selection box by swizzels is a great size, you get plenty in it and would make a great Christmas gift for a sweetie lover.


20131207-012854.jpg Look how many you get! You won’t be disappointed, all the classics are included including
Love hearts
Parma violets
Double lollies
Fruity pops
And fizzers.

You are bound to find something that will transport you straight back to younger days. I’ve had so much fun trying all my childhood favourites again. I’m pleased to say they all taste just as good too!
The tube of Parma violets is perfect for all Parma violet lovers, my husband is a massive fan and was pleased to see that the tube contained plenty of packets. At first glance it looked like they had massively changed the colour of the sweets, but it’s the colour of the packaging now.


20131207-013349.jpg These tubes will make fab stocking fillers, and make a lovely change from the normal chocolate ones you normally see don’t you think?

For anyone who wants to revisit their childhood memories of swizzels sweet eating, I have an amazing competition for you! How do you fancy winning all of this?

20131207-013631.jpg Looks amazing doesn’t it? All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter form down below. Good luck everybody!

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Disclaimer. I was very kindly sent the sweets for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.


  1. Oh my goodness. I love these sweets. Take me back to my childhood. Parma violets, mmmmmm :)

  2. Drumstick Lolly Yum

  3. Parma Violets!!! :o)

  4. drumstick squashies

  5. i could eat them all but my favourite is a drumstick lolly

  6. I love refreshers. That sherbet hit is amazing!

  7. Parma Violets are my fave Swizzels sweet, though I’ll happily eat all the others too it is the perfume-floral sweets that most appeal to me – fingers crossed for a little bit of sweet luck to come my way now

  8. I love them all but Refreshers are my favourite

  9. Love Hearts!! Would love some right about now… x

  10. Parma violets

  11. Parma violets

  12. Parma Violets

  13. Parma violets

  14. drumstick

  15. love refreshers

  16. It has to be Drumsticks yum

  17. Drumstick Lollies

  18. Love Hearts

  19. Drumstick lollypops

  20. Drumsticks

  21. Redreshers for me

  22. drumsticks

  23. drumstick lollies

  24. drumstick squashies, hands down!

  25. Parma Violets

  26. \pple drumsticks

  27. love hearts

  28. Love hearts.

  29. drumstick squashies

  30. Refreshers

  31. Parma Violets! :D

  32. Drumstick lollies

  33. Has to be drumstick lollies!

  34. I love Parma violets and Refreshers. I could eat both all day happily!

  35. Double Lollies I reckon.

  36. Refreshers

  37. Love Hearts, I was always to shy to share mine with girls I liked, great memories though!

  38. Love Hearts

  39. love double lollies x

  40. refreshers – but I’m not exactly fussy!

  41. Love hearts

  42. got to be parma violets

  43. Sweethearts

  44. Parma Violets

  45. Refreshers

  46. this is a hard question… from all would have to be a toss up between refreshers or p.violets!

  47. Parma violets

  48. Drumstick lollies are still a firm favourite :)

  49. Love hearts

  50. Parma violets, eating some now

  51. lemon refreshers yum yum

  52. Drumsticks

  53. love them all but refreshers are my faves

  54. Parma Violets

  55. Love Hearts

  56. Drumstick lollies

  57. love hearts

  58. the double lollies oh they are LUSH

  59. Parma Violets, they always remind me of my nana as she use to love them

  60. Refreshers :)

  61. love hearts x

  62. hmmm…why do we always have to choose favourite sweets lol… drumstick lollies would be my first choice every time

  63. Refreshers

  64. Refreshers

  65. Parma Violets

  66. Refreshers chews are my favourite :)

  67. refreshers

  68. Parma violets :)

  69. Oh dear I love them all :)

  70. parma violets

  71. drum sticks. i could eat them all day x

  72. Love hearts

  73. I liked the little round boiled sweets in a line best lol dont know what they’re called

  74. I love drum sticks :D

  75. Drumsticks

  76. Refreshers or love hearts :-)

  77. Refreshers

  78. refreshers

  79. parma violets for me takes me bk :)

  80. I buy the tinned sweets all the time I can’t get enough of them, they are better than sex

  81. Drumsticks

  82. drumsticks, they have a unique flavour

  83. drumstick lollies

  84. Drumsticks x

  85. Drumstick Lolly

  86. drumstick lollies

  87. Parma Violets :)

  88. Drumstick Lollo

  89. Parma Violets :)

  90. parma violets are so yummy x

  91. Love hearts purely for the comedy value!

  92. Refreshers! Although i like being cheesy with love hearts giving my boyfriend the ones that say ‘kiss me’ and ‘i love you’

  93. drumstick lollies :)

  94. Drumsticks yummy xx

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